Graphics Canada Free Badge(s)

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Graphics Canada Free Badge(s)

Postby Chris » Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:42 am

Get free badge and save $40 if you register early. Even you decided not going in last minute. It won't cost you any penny. It's simple and only take you couple of minutes...

1) Click the link here:
2) Fill up your information & apply discount code : GC11BRAUSSE
3) Done!

Step by step walk through if you could not done on above 3 steps.

Step 1: (New Registration)
Click :
right click, open the link in new window, switch between the registration & the walk through can make your live easier


Step 2: (Fill up personal information)
02_Personal Info.png

Step 3a: (Apply Discount Code)


Step 3b: (Applied Discount Code)

Step 4: (Registrant Profile)

Step 5: (Registrant Summary)

Step 6: (Registrant Confirmation)

Step 7: (Confirmation Email)

Need help on the registration?? Please call me (1-888-853-4760 ext 112)

Or download the registration form below:
(284.34 KiB) Downloaded 970 times

Our Booth Number is :
I have 2 missions in the booth....

1) To find out how our product can help your production.
2) To find out how can I help your business.

Come and visit us.
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